Cream Cooker

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CR 50

Designed to respond to the highest demands of professional pastry cooks and chefs.
Ideal for preparing all kinds of confectioner’s custards, soft dough, sauces, caramel custards, fruit syrups, beating egg yolks, making jellies, jams, gelatines, white sauces, syrups, mousses, bechamel, etc ...
Boiler with a double wall and thermal oil for “Bain Marie” preparation.
Electrically operated. Two heating intensities.
Fitted with large protective thermal insulation to prevent heat loss and save electricity.

Gross weight:150 kg
Net weight: 115 kg
Work capacity: 35 l.
Total capacity: 50 l.
Power: 5,75 Kw
Three phase voltage: 220/380 V III
Dimensions (AxFxH): 750 x 750 x 1350 mm