"Doughnuts" Fryer


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The fryer for “Doughnuts” or whatever kind of buns with similar characteristics, is built to fry 8 pieces in one time. (or 16 small pieces).
Completely in stainless steel (AISI 304), it is provided of rectangular pans that turns the product to be fryed in both sides.
Afterwards it arrises the product on a plate where the product dries from oil.
Finally another pulling back moves to another level to glass or envolving with sugar powder.
The fryer is fitted of a electrical group with resistances controlled by thermostat.
Totally removable, including the electrical group, making easier the cleaning.

Gross weight: 25 Kg
Net weight: 20 Kg
Power: 5 Kw - 6,7 CV
Three phase voltage: 220/380 III
Capacity of oil; 26 l
Diemsions: 100 x 70 x 19 cm